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Demolition of Pudu Jail’s Wall

Demolition of Pudu Jail’s Wall

Date : 21st June 2010

Built in 1895, Pudu Jail housed so many famous Malaysian criminals during its heyday. One of them is Botak Chin, the neighborhood hero of my housing area. Yes, Botak Chin (the Malaysian version of Robin Hood) used to live right across my street. Now his whole family is no longer there.

However this entry isn’t about the kind-hearted criminal, but about the prison that once housed him when he was alive and the place of his demise.

The prison was officially closed to new inmates in 1996 due to over flowing and because the government had already finished building the Sungai Buloh Prison. In 1997, it was opened to the public for historical tours especially inside the gallows. It was never a big hit as superstitious Malaysians got scared about going to places like these.

Soon plans were drawn to utilize the precious space occupying the prison. Its strategic location means big money and high accessibility to many people. After years and years of delay, the decision is made to destroy the jail to make way for new developments there.

I was there with my camera with me. There was a lot of other people who came to witness the demolition first hand too. Something epic perhaps to them, I personally see it as part of Malaysian history gone down the drain.

Anyway, here are some shots that I’ve managed to capture during the event.



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